Do you ever sit and think with no interruptions? Do you ever take the time to let your brain do it?s the best work without distracting it with trivial foolishness?

The beautiful night sky over Yosemite Falls is one of my favorite places to think and let new ideas form and grow.

Email reminders, text messages, social media notifications, phone calls; they all are constant interruptions to your mind being able to think, to process, to develop, to create.

Do this experiment for one month:
Turn off all notifications on your computer, (email, system, game updates, news updates) SHUT THEM OFF.
Get up 1 hour earlier than you typically do.
Spend that hour doing nothing; you can make some coffee or tea and sit with that and just think. NO NEWS, NO EMAIL, NO SOCIAL MEDIA. Just think.
Carve out one more 30 min block sometime during the day to do the practice again.
Do not sacrifice this practice for one month. Do this relentlessly, and do not ?try? to accomplish anything more, or do anything different other than this simple exercise.

Let your mind be free to think about whatever it wants.

Let your sub-conscience be free to solve problems in the background while your conscious mind wanders and relaxes.

Yea it seems simple it seems even a bit childish.

IT IS NOT. If you honestly do this simple practice for four straight weeks, you will experience greater productivity, lower stress, and better decision making.

Often, innovation and idea creation require peace and quiet, make sure you?re giving your brain enough of that to do it?s the best work.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Innovation and idea creation often require peace and quiet.

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