I?ve been on this earth long enough to see and hear a lot of things.

Nice Shot over Bend Oregon.

It?s funny how people justified the means for the end, how quickly morals and ethics are compromised for the ?greater good? as if truth doesn’t matter, or matters little in the face of something deemed more important.

Manipulation, lying, cheating all in the name of ?the good of the company? or some such nonsense like that is just cowardice and deceit, nothing more, and certainly nothing nobler.

It?s so easy to fall into the trap. It?s so easy to justify twisting the truth, omitting important details for some supposed higher purpose. Telling yourself all the while that the deceit is all for the good of the company or some other bull crap.

It?s manipulation plain and simple regardless of the name you try and give it.?

Deceit and manipulation is the easy path; it?s the road of weakness.?

Truth is always ALWAYS the hard path. It?s the path so few take because not many can withstand the fear of truth.

Truth is the path of the brave.

Bravery to tell your employees what?s actually going on, bravery to tell the press the whole story, bravery to tell the investors the real numbers.

Bravery to admit to yourself when you have made mistakes.

It?s fear that drives us from our brave standing of truth into the easy manipulation for the ?greater good? It?s a natural fall, words are simple to twist.

Stand fast, resist the fear, be brave.

Take a stand right now and always take the high road.

Promise yourself you?ll never let the fear of failure dictate your morals. It?s a tough decision, make it carefully. Choosing truth might mean you don?t get every deal, it might mean your ?success? will suffer, the truth might even cause failure. But ask yourself is success without truth really success. If you cheat to win a race, did you win? Yes, of course, you have the gold medal around your neck, but ?DID ? YOU ? WIN???

Don?t fool yourself into thinking that your intention supersedes truth. Truth is truth regardless of your intention; intention is not relevant in the face of deceit.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRuqFXBDYtC/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Intention is not relevant in the face of deceit.

Truth can’t be “twisted”, it is in fact simply truth. However ones understanding of truth is often hotly debated.

Nice little shot over #bendoregon on the #dji

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