Also just makes the coldness of life so much more fun!

Here we are snowshoeing at 1:00 am with amazing life long friends! From left to right: Pete, Beth , Alice , and Chris .

Here?s the thing.

To have a real friendship, you need to invest in that relationship, you need to become vulnerable, you need to risk, you need to show the other person who you really are.

If you don?t – there is no truth in the friendship, it?s a lie, it?s a show propagated by the masks you wear when you are with the person.

If you do – there is risk, tremendous risk because once they learn who you are, the friend may decide they don?t like you, they may decide that you?re not the person that they want to become vulnerable to.

This risk can not be understated. It?s real, it?s terrifying, and it?s 100% required for a real friendship to exist.


Time is also required for a real friendship. Regardless of all the love at first site BS, you may read, you can never truly develop a deep, meaningful relationship without time. Not just “time passing,” but time invested. BOTH are required.

Taking off the mask, becoming vulnerable, investing love and time into a relationship, this is rare indeed. Rare because it doesn?t fit our fast paced, fast food culture. Rare because it?s hard. Rare because it?s scary.

Today with our social media, selfie stick society real friendships are almost entirely a thing of the past. They have been replaced with fun acquaintances to do stuff with, and make great Instagram posts of.

Don?t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong AT ALL with the more superficial relationships. These relationships are often how more meaningful deeper relationships begin. Just don?t mistake them for the real deal. They aren?t.

Eventually, you?re gonna get hurt, probably more than once. If you?re around this earth long enough, and if you make an effort and take the risk to develop deep, meaningful relationships you?re gonna get screwed eventually. It?s going to be very painful, and it might even cause you to doubt if all the work, risk, and fear of building a meaningful friendship are even worth it.

Let me assure you it is.?

We were designed for relationship. It?s built into the very fabric of who we are as humans. It?s important, VERY important, this is actually the reason it does hurt so much.

Life? You?ll never be able to fully experience life and all it has to offer without deep, meaningful relationships. No one person has it all, no one person can see all the different ?side? to the experience. It takes relationships and shared experience to understand the fullness of anything in life. Think of a road trip across the country. What would the experience of the trip be like by yourself, what would the experience be if it was just you. What about you and your best friend? You traveled the same road in both examples, but the experience would change dramatically when shared. It?s more ?full? more ?rich? when shared with another person.

Life has so much to offer, so much to give. You?ll only see a fraction of it without sharing with deep, meaningful relationships. There will always be pain, it can and will cause doubt, but the relationships will be worth it in the end.

Take the risks, friendship can be powerful, make sure you?re always honest open, and real. Get rid of the masks and go experience life with the people you love and that love you.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

It should not be taken lightly, friendship can be a powerful advantage in life and business. Also just makes the coldness of life so much more fun!
Here we are literally at 1:00am for some midnight snowshoeing! So much fun with @alicebehnke @fit2bstudio and Pete!
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One thought on “It should not be taken lightly, friendship can be a powerful advantage in life

  1. Lauren says:

    This is pretty deep but honest and it makes sense. I have a handful of friends I’d like to consider close and who know me pretty good, though I don’t put on a front for everyone not EVERYONE gets to really see the vulnerable side.

    Think of going on a trip and then think of the people you’d want to spend day and night together for 7 days…

    Thanks for sharing.

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