There are just over 10,000 minutes every week. 

On the one hand that kind of seems like a lot. I mean, what are you going to do with all those minutes, plenty to spare right!

On the other hand, you have 10,000 min each week, you will never NEVER get a single one of those minutes back. 

You can?t get more, buy more, or earn more. You?ll have a certain amount equal to the number of days you?re on this earth, and that?s it. 

That is ALL you get. 

Really, 10,000 minutes a week isn?t all that many when you realize once they?re spent that?s it. 

How are you spending them? How are you using those minutes, how are the things you?re using those minutes on ?shaping? the person that you are, the person that you are becoming?

Unfortunately it?s pretty dang rare that people even think about how they spend their time, let alone purposely planning that time out to ensure they have the greatest impact possible. 

Why? Why does it seem so hard?

Every single person that did something significant in the world did so with good use of that minutes they had given to them, they didn?t waist them, they used them wisely. 

How are you using yours? Do you even know? If you received an anonymous audit report of how you spent every min of the last 6 months would it be embarrassing or??  How many minutes sleeping, Netflix, eating, complaining, working, spending time with the ones you love, helping others, impacting the world around you? How many minutes?

Of course you didn?t get the audit of your time the last 6 months, but you have a good idea what it might say, and chance are it?s not all that flattering. Don?t let the past stop you from changing the next 6 months. What do you need to do differently, who do you need to talk to, what steps do you need to take to do the stuff you know you should be doing. What do you need to write, what business do you need to start, what job do you need to quit, or apply for, what person do you need to reach out to.

Don?t get to the end of your ?minutes? and wish you had spent them differently, it?s time today to make the changes you need to make. 

Go now and spend them wisely.?

Suit Up?


Inspiration taken from instagram post from?instagram: @chrisbehnke

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