Why dream big? I mean the bigger the dream the hard to reach, so the less likely you’ll reach it, so the more likely you’ll fail and never achieve it.

So why dream big? The bigger the dream, the more you’re just setting yourself up for failure right?

My son Owen chillin deep in the California Red Woods.

Yes. Yes, actually that is true. The bigger the dream, the more grandiose the plan, the more likely you will fail.

This undeniable truth is why so many just don’t try. Faced with that challenge, they decide it’s just easier to give up, give in, and not even start.

The other side of that coin is the chance at victory, the chance to accomplish something incredible in the face of opposition and against the odds.

To some that challenge, that risk is what drives them. That risk can be the very reason to try.

Regardless, without the risk, the goal cannot be accomplished. I know it’s captain obvious here, but if you don’t try you for sure will not succeed. By not even trying you are guaranteeing your failure.?

That failure is hidden, never seen, which is why it’s just an attractive option. Even though it’s not seen, it’s failure just the same.?

If you “should” and “could” have, but never tried, you still failed to do.

This is why it’s so important regardless of the risk. Sometimes, you’ll succeed, sometimes you’ll be victorious, and it’s in those times that it all becomes clear.

It’s time you stopped caring so much what others say or think. It’s time you stopped worrying about all the “what ifs.” It’s time you took more risk and set out on the path that only you could accomplish.

It’s time you stopped being ashamed and scared of your big dreams, and you started living them.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BO-0rhPAyij/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

It’s the size of your dreams that matter.
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