It?s a lot like a dense forest, life. You?re trying to walk, but there?s no trail, you?re trying to go the right way, but you can?t tell which direction you?re even going.

You?re trudging through, sweating, feeling like you?re not sure you?re going very fast, or even if you?re going the right way.

It?s hard, it?s discouraging, it?s overwhelming, yea, it?s tough.

Just like that forest there will be time when your destination is literally just around that next corner, just through the last few trees. Your beautiful green meadow awaits, and it?s closer than you think.

Most never arrive.

Most look at the dense forest with tough underbrush, they focus on how darn hard it is, and they just give up. They sit down right in the middle of wherever life has them and give up.

Continue, get that machete out if you must and hack your way through to your goals. It?s not going to be easy, it won?t be pretty, it might just be the hardest journey you?re ever gonna take, but it?s one you must take, you?ll never look back after making it through and regret the hard work.

Keep pushing, it?s just through the trees.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Just through the trees…
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