It’s a long way to the end, a long way to the goal. You’ll often say to yourself “why am I killing myself for this, to what end is all this effort for?”

People just don’t finish anymore. They just don’t invest anymore. It’s too hard, takes too long, and is too painful.

Enjoying some time in the air over incredible Central Oregon in the Cessna 172! #thisiswhyifly

It’s easier to quit, or change jobs, forget goals, better yet don’t set goals. When you do set goals make sure they are self-focused.

Who’s going to do the hard work then? Who’s going to start the company that needs to be started, or that non-profit to meet needs that aren’t being met? Who’s going to invent the new technology or cure for that disease?


“Not me,” they say. “I don’t want to get involved, I’d rather take it easy, travel the world, my happiness is important, work life balance is important.”

Look here’s the deal, I’ll be blunt and honest with you.

Never committing, whining about your circumstance, jumping from one job to another anytime it “get’s hard,” is not about work life balance, it’s about laziness. Period.

To a large degree, we have grown lazy, weak, and entitled.?

It’s not to say that “work life balance” is not important. It’s not to say that your happiness is not important. It’s not to say that you should remain in a company that is treating you poorly. These things are important, but they need to be balanced.

Balanced with the understanding and realization that we live in a time where things are pretty darn easy. Luxuries that would be a pure fantasy only 100 years ago are commonplace today. We should leverage this truth in a positive way, a way to accomplish more with less, not in a way to simply get by doing less.

It’s time we started holding each other a bit more accountable, it’s time we started holding ourselves a bit more accountable.

If you’re going to do anything of importance it’s going to be a very long road, don’t stop no matter how bad you want to, keep pushing through to your destination.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Keep PUSHING through to your destination.
I’m loving winter, but I’m also really looking forward to amazing #centraloregon summer days!
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