I had a run-in with an older person?

They weren?t ?super old? just older, maybe 70 or so, not sure actually, doesn?t matter.

Sawyer and Mercedes my two youngest living life to the fullest on the Oregon Coast.

Run in? Yea, as in I he ran into me the other day on the sidewalk. After which he snapped at me for not watching where I was going (he ran into me) and grumbled about how the world sucks, or some such negative commentary that I couldn?t entirely hear, but could get the gist from words here and there.

I smiled and replied, ?I’m sorry sir, have a good day.?

I don’t consider myself old yet at all, but I know even in my own life as I get older, stuff just gets harder. There?s more pain, more frustration, more stress, and certainly less patience.

Here?s the thing, as time moves on we can react and interact with it in one of two ways. Let the hardness of life turn us into bitter old asses, or embrace time passing and enjoy the life we have.

You can spend your time hating the cold harsh world, or you can spend your time making it a better place. You don?t have to solve world hunger to make the world better, just a smile, and a little extra effort can make a bigger difference than you might think.

What if everyone did that, what if everyone had a positive attitude, and worked hard to look at the bright side of life instead of focusing on how hard it all is?

YOU can start, you can be the difference, and you don?t have to be ?older? to do it. You can begin at any age. YOU can make a lifestyle out of not turning into a bitter old ass.

It?s a tough balance, I don?t want to downplay how difficult things are either, life is freaking hard. Give patience and grace to both yourself, and others around you, but always remember that you are 100% in control of how you interact with the world around you.

Sounds cheeky and coy, but it’s so true; “be the person you want to be, be the person you would like to bump into on the street.”

You?ll never regret being that kind of person. You?ll never regret smiling instead of frowning, EVEN WHEN YOU DON?T FEEL LIKE IT!

Besides you look a whole lot better, happier, sexier when you’re optimistic and positive then when your negative and grump.

Keep that childlike optimism, it looks darn good on you!


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Keep the childlike energy and optimism, it looks darn good on you.

My 2 youngest Sawyer (9) and Mercedes (7) keep me sharp, energetic, and optimistic for the future

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