Gratitude doesn?t come easy for us these days. Our culture is one of ever increasing inward self service and focus. We are constantly hit with self gratification programming.

#gratitude is something that doesn’t come easy in our culture; without it, life becomes inwardly focused and lacking of broader context.

You need this, you need that. You deserve this, you deserve that. You should have a good time, you should work less, you should enjoy yourself, you deserve to always be happy and have the best in life.

Except none of that is true. Feeling we deserve this or that just because we exist on this earth is totally ridiculous. For thousands and thousands of years mankind has functioned under the premise that hard work and struggle are part of life.

Hard work, struggle, toil and the trials that just come along with being human are all part of what actually makes us human. If you take those struggles away you begin to erode the very nature of who we are as people.

You would never truly appreciate the view from the top of the mountain without the struggle of the journey up the rocky hard trail. Same view, different perspective. Same view, different context for the view, the journey ?shapes? the interpretation of the view.

So is true with life. Without the difficult times, there is no context to appreciate the good times. The struggle enhances the rest of life, it completes it.

This is where gratitude, true gratitude comes in. The sooner you learn to approach life with a posture of gratitude and thanksgiving the sooner you can experience far more ?richness? in your life. Joy and happiness are byproducts of a well rounded perspective.

It?s a hard lesson to learn, the lesson of true gratitude, and approaching each and every day with a spiritual of thankfulness, the sooner you learn it, the more joy you?ll have in your life, the more joy you?ll be able to share with other.

Learn to feel and express gratitude, my friends, trust me you will NEVER regret it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Learn to feel and express gratitude

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