When you?re 7 anything is possible.

Mercedes (7) on a recent hike up #smithrock

You wake up a airline pilot, you?re a princess having tea by 10, by lunchtime you?re a cowgirl, and as dinner rolls around you?re vet helping puppies that are sick.

Your brain works a bit different at that age. It?s doesn?t know the boundaries that we all seem to develop as we become adults, and realize a lot of what we used to dream about was foolish?

What happens if you don?t lose it? Do the Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos types lose the curious imagination?

Over the years I have learned a few things, I?ve seen the difference in my own life when I catch a glimpse of my own belief that I can do anything. What happens when I allow my faith to zero in on my dreams and wonder what if, then just like the 7 year old version of myself, I just go do it believing all the way I can.

I believe I can, and guess what, I do.

I dream it, then I believe it. I believe I can start a company, become a pilot, write a book, run a marathon, travel the world, shoot and produce amazing video, become a photographer, marry a ?10?, whatever.

Dream, imagine, do.

It?s incredible what can happen with a little faith, with a little belief in your own ability, instead of the wet blanket ?that?ll never work? ?you should be more realistic? I say, what if, what the hell, why not try. Richard Branson said it well, ?Screw it, let?s do it.? I like that, screw it, let’s freaking do it baby.

Why the hell not anyway. What happens if you try and it doesn?t work out, (which WILL happen sometimes.) You?ll not make it, but you?ll learn a lot, and be smarter and wiser from the experience.

You know what, we need MORE of that around here. There?s a lot of problems to solve, companies to create, products to invent, and the people that are going to lead that work are the dreamers. The people that try anyway, despite everyone telling them they should be more realistic.

Maybe you should think a bit different. Maybe you should be the one saying ?Screw it, let?s do it.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTNrI23DUEg/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Let the wind of curiosity carry your imagination.

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