I write a lot about my kids and the things they are always teaching me. It?s ironic really, I’m here to teach and train them, and I do, I work hard at it. Like so many things in life though, I often feel like I learn more from them than they learn from me!

My 7 year old is always teaching me to pay attention to the little things, the simple things, fostering a growing imagination for what could be.

My youngest, Mercedes (7 in this picture) teaches me a lot about grace, play, priories, truth, and imagination. She is of the age when anything is possible. Her dreams are both straightforward and unencumbered.

She’s in the season of life when anything can happen, many things are totally new and inspiring, and the world is at her fingertips. She hasn?t yet learned the dark nasty cold crappy side of the world that all of us that have been around a bit longer know.

She doesn?t yet know that some of her dreams aren?t possible, or that there are evil people out there that would love to take advantage of her.

She doesn?t yet know that life is hard, taxes are high, people often suck, and there aren?t enough hours in the day.

I know that stuff, and I know it well.

At 7 She has freedom from those burdens, which is amazing. I wonder what good all the ?knowledge? I have really is? Is it helpful to know the truth of the world and its harshness? Well yes, there is, in fact often it?s that knowledge that inspires someone to find solutions to some of those terrible problems. So knowing and understanding is not all bad, it?s necessary to survive.

But what if?

What if we kept some of the attitudes of the 7-year-old versions ourselves. What if we kept some of the imagination and unencumbered dreaming of the 7-year-old “us?” What if we paired that energy with some of the real truth of the world. What if we faced the nasty truth head on but with the imagination to tackle those problems that weren’t discouraged and hindered by the reality of the world around us.

I bet that we might discover new and surprising ways to deal with some of the crap that holds us back. I bet we could do things we think are dumb, not realistic, and impossible. I bet we could really kick some of the crappy stuff of the world right to the curb if we had a little more belief and a little less ?reality.?

I think it?s time we looked at the world a bit more often through the eyes of the 7-year-old version of ourselves. I know I am, and when I do some pretty amazing stuff happens, trust me, it?s worth it. Let?s all get back to a time when we believed we could do anything, because you know what, you just might.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BSlvAJzjIBO/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Let your imagination run with the wind

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