Alice and Owen learning about life together in Tumalo Oregon

Do what it takes
Work hard
Take risks
Don’t stop
Make it count
Get ‘r’ done

Valuable phrases for the entrepreneur.

We all get one shot at life. One chance, that’s it.


It’s not fair, it’s not, equal, it’s not easy, it’s not predictable.

Which is why it’s so important to do what it takes, hustle every day, work hard when you want to the least, take risks, don’t stop when others do, make it count, and GET R DONE.

It’s also why you should be very careful while pursuing your dreams and goals.

Yes… We all get one shot at life. One chance, that’s it.?


Make sure that when you “make it count” you really are making it count.

What about relationships. What about kids, your spouse. So often I hear people justifying their sacrifice of time and relationships so they can “provide a good life.” for their loved ones.

A good life rarely means a bigger house or fancier car, and almost always means more quality time invested in the relationship. More patience, more energy, more teaching.

More investing into those you love.?

More of you. I’ve never heard of someone reaching the end of their life and wishing they had spent less time with the people they care about.

You can’t NOT hustle though, so you must find the balance, you must find the things you can sacrifice; TV, Golf, Sleep… ?I’m not sure what it is for you, but I do know what it shouldn’t be. Relationships.

Start putting the right things on the chopping block.

Life’s short, it’s precious. Don’t lose sight of what matters.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Life’s precious, don’t lose sight of what matters.
Spending some time with @alicebehnke @elyse_cinnamint and the crew this fall. Take time to chill, pay attention to what matters.
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