People are demanding, wow, I mean you know what I mean right? Like, dang, sometimes I just want to go on a vacation with NO PEOPLE, people SUCK so much sometimes! 😉

Make time for the ones that matter

Ok, I feel like that from time to time, and for some people, a long vacation on a secluded island with no one else wouldn?t be that bad, for me, it would be AWESOME!

For about 10 min.

Then I would feel alone.

Regardless if you?re a ?people person? or not, There should be a few people in your life that really put all the crap of life you have to go through into perspective.

People are designed to be loved and to love each other; it?s a simple fact of humanity.


Love is freaking confusing bro.

I mean seriously. I?m not telling you a great secret though am I? If you?ve been around for more than 5 min you know how strange and mysterious love can be, yet, so simple at the same time.

Try not to overcomplicate it. Try not to be stingy with it. Try not to hold onto it so tightly it slips right through your grip.

Try not to manipulate it, or force it, or take it for granted.

Just enjoy it. Just enjoy the simple reality the wonderful simplicity and mystery that it is.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Love is so simple, yet always a mystery

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