It?s a truism of the human race that as you trudge through life you?re going to struggle. You will.

You?ll have good days, yep for sure, and I hope you have a lot of them. Even those of us blessed with lots of great days, still, have many many difficult ones. It?s an undeniable part of the human condition.


Oh yea, and those people you follow on social media that seem not to have hard times actually struggle just like you. If they say they don?t, guess what they are liars. No amount of money, power, relationships, or health can entirely eliminate all the troubles of being a human here on this earth. Bottom line is; you?re going to have sucky days.

An old truck on a road trip through northern Washington.

So what then? Most do everything possible to avoid them; natural, everything possible to hide them from others; understandable, and everything possible to forget them; tragic and unwise.

There is no greater learning opportunity than a failure. Real life struggle is the master teacher. Oh sure, books are good, studying others is important and useful. ?But nothing teaches faster than falling flat on your face. It?s the uncool reality of how we humans work.

Why work so hard to forget?

It?s totally natural really, to try and forget all the bad things that happen in life, and sure, there are somethings that you really should just try and forget, but so much can be gained from learning from, examining, owning the mistakes that have gotten you where you are.

There are no examples of success, true success without this happening.

Where are you right now? Are you in the middle of a storm? Are you flailing around in the water, unsure of how to swim, wondering if you?ll make it to shore? Embrace it, learn from it, own it. Yea that?s right OWN where you are, own those mistakes, and learn, grow, and become a better version of you because of it.

Ask yourself if it might be time to own a bit more, learn a bit more, embrace a bit more. Yea it?s gonna be painful, but trust me, you?ll be stronger, you?ll be wiser, and you?ll not regret it in the long run.


Chris Behnke

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Make sure you?re always learning from your past.

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