There will be a lot of times in your life when you have a choice. You?ll be faced with choosing between taking the leap, and sitting on the sidelines and taking the safe less risky path.

My 13 year old loves to push both himself and me to try new things, strive for bigger goals, and higher heights. I love it!

It?s easy to say right now as you read this to yourself that you?ll make the leap, you?ll take the hard road, to try something new, start something new, go on the journey, make the call, or do whatever the thing is you?ll need to do.

Yep, darn easy to say you?ll pull the trigger right now, while you skim through this micro post on your phone in the comfort of your normal environment.

If you?re like most, you won?t though.

Sure you?re gonna tell me how you?re different, how YOU will be the one that doesn?t sit back and let fear control them. You?re gonna take the leap.

Except you probably won?t not if you?re like most. See what I?ve found is that most are what I call ?drifters.?

Drifters glide through life dealing with it as it comes there way. They sit back and ?react? to things as they come to them. Sure they set goals, even plan for retirement and such, but they really don?t know why they do what they do, they don?t know why they have even made the decisions they have made.

They go to a job they hate, live in a place that?s ?ok? eat foods that are convenient, and teach the same mediocre existence to their kids so they;ll be sure to repeat the cycle.

Drifters, drifting.

Drifters NEVER choose the hard path, they never do anything great. Their life?s are just fine, nothing wrong with them really, but also nothing extraordinarily great either.

The world changes, the people that impact those around them in a way that can be felt for a long time are never drifters, they are never going to let fear stop them from making the leap.

They are ready. Ready for when life calls out and says, ?hey you, yea you, take this leap, take this chance, do something different, something courageous, something your friends and family aren?t expecting and might not even approve of.?

You should do it, will you? ?Make sure you?re ready baby, cause your chance is coming.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Never be afraid to take the leap.

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