Dang, I?m busy.

There are times I feel I just can?t even breathe I have so much going on. Running multiple businesses, finishing up my first book, teaching, flying, running, traveling, and on and on.

My two youngest (9) and (7) and I took a trip through the wilderness and found ourselves on the coast a while back.

You feel the same right? I look at my life sometimes and wonder, ?how the freak did I let all this stuff take over my life??

I?m no different than you. I?m confident you feel the same.

Totally overwhelmed, slammed, overworked, stressed.

Totally… Busy.

It?s the American way right.

It seems like we even invent new ways of being busy. Too busy to slow down and think, too busy to slow down and talk, too busy to explore just for fun.

It?s the way of our culture for sure, but it?s NOT the right way.

The day we don?t have enough time to, slow down and contemplate life, explore something new, try something for the first time, or just chat with a new friend, is the same day we lose a lot of what actually matters in life.

The curiosity.
The wonder.
The experience of looking and finding.
The investment in relationships.

I?m all too familiar with these conflicting paradigms.

As a self-employed entrepreneur with 4 kiddos at home, business and writing deadlines, blah… that busyness, it?s all very VERY real to me.

So, I force it.

I actually force myself to create times for adventure, exploring and investment into the relationships that matter to me. I book time with my kids to just hang out. I carve out an evening every single week to take my wife out. I push deadlines back to have lunch with one of my kids every so often. I miss deadlines to stay a bit longer with a new friend at coffee.

I take those walks in the rain even when I feel like I just don?t have the time.


Because I know I make time for what I make time for, and I want to make time for what is actually essential, NOT just what incessantly is banging on my door.

I have spent many years learning how to be more efficient and productive with my time so that I can invest in the most important things, the most important people.

No matter how high the stress, no matter how impending the deadlines, you need to force yourself too.

?Chris, you don?t understand, I can?t possibly do that with everything I have going on right now, it?s just not possible? you?re probably saying right now.

Look, I didn?t say it would be easy, it won?t be. In fact, it will be really REALLY freaking hard, but it IS possible.

You can and DO make time for what you make time for. You DO make time for all sorts of things that maybe you might need to re-evaluate.

How much time do you spend watching Netflix, surfing YouTube, Facebook, The Web.

How much time do you spend commuting, talking on the phone.

How much time do you waist at work when you could be more efficient and headed home sooner?

It won?t be easy, the forces of our culture are going to fight you at every turn, but it IS possible.

It IS important.

It?s time you started investing; it?s time you were a bit more honest with yourself.

Never let go of the curiosity, never become too busy to chase down wonder and explore new places.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:


Never let go of the curiosity, never become too busy to chase down wonder and explore new places.

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