Sometimes the clock just gets away from you. Some weeks you just hit Friday, and you?re really not sure what happened!

Drake park, in Bend Oregon.

As busy entrepreneurs, we?ll look back at the week and wonder what the heck we did with all our spare time? How did we end up at the end and not accomplish the 2 or 3 things we really needed to accomplish.


Distractions are all around you; they show up often as the most on obvious things. Emails, phone calls, appointments, meetings, investors, even customers can all be distractions. One thing is for certain; you can work very VERY hard throughout the week and get to the end not accomplishing all that much.

It?s so important to know what needs to be done, to know what HAS to be done and can?t be pushed. A lot of the time, these things are not the most pressing, not the most urgent, not the most obvious.

What is is about ?life? that get?s us so distracted, makes it so hard to keep our eyes on the ball.

It?s the business of it, the stress of it, the harshness of it. It?s all hitting all the time, and hitting hard, demanding our attention, demanding our commitment, demanding our time and resources.

There?s only one way to deal with it, and that?s head on, with no illusions of getting to everything. You HAVE to be willing to cut, and sometimes cut deep into the list of stuff you feel is so important and stay laser focused on the short list of stuff that actually IS important.

This will NOT be easy, in fact, very few entrepreneurs will actually ever be able to achieve it.

You must though; you MUST if you want to make a difference if you want to make an impact if you want to change the world.

It?s time you figured out what needs to be on your plate and scraped the rest off, it?s time you got your priorities in line, and it?s time you got that crap done before the end of the day for once.

Keep that up for a while, and you’re likely to do something incredible.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Never let the sun go down without accomplishing what’s most important.

Love snowy days in #drakepark#bendoregon

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