There?s something I?ve noticed as I?ve gotten older. Some people get to a point in their life where they feel they?ve figured it out. They have learned what they need to learn and they don?t really need to ?learn? anything else.

My dad and my 7 year old strolling on the beach teaching each other about life’s mysteries.

They?ve had enough. Enough books, enough lectures, enough reading, enough studying. They?ve grown comfortable with what they are, and how they are, with what they know.


Comfortable and stuck. Stuck right where they know what they think they know.

This thinking is totally common, but is actually a horribly reality of cultural stagnation and individual laziness.

There is limitless information, limitless knowledge, there will never be a person that has learned all there is to learn, there will never be a person that could not benefit from learning from others.

Kids know this instinctively, they know they don?t know, they know they want to learn, they have a thirsty curiosity that drives the endless questions, exploring, and questioning the ?why? of everything they come in contact with.

Somewhere along they way we lose this curiosity, jaded with doubt and fear we become complacent and comfortable.

Do not let this happen.

You owe it to yourself to keep learning, to actually develop a ?posture of learning,? to discover the world and different cultures around you and learn from what they have to share and teach.

Wisdom is one of the most valuable personal assets you can develop, and there are no shortcuts. Money can?t buy it, and everyone has an equal opportunity to develop it.

Our youth don?t spend enough time in slow conversation with those that have been there and done that. In fact, people just generally don?t have time for earth other any more. Time to just sit and talk, share, teach and learn.

Never stop learning, never stop asking, never feel you have heard enough speeches, sermons, or history lessons. Never feel that you have read enough books, or dug in and really asked someone with more experience the hard questions.

Never stop asking, never stop learning.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Never stop learning, never stop asking.

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