You know they type. They kiss up to anyone they think will advantage them in some way, they change their opinion to match whatever the popular thinking of the day is.

My oldest son at Smith Rock, State Park.

They don?t have their own thoughts, beliefs and opinions.

It?s true they will probably not offend anyone, their not going to rub anyone the wrong way because they are always too busy agreeing with everything they say.

No one is going to respect them though. No one is going to take them seriously.

Stand on your convictions, stand on your beliefs. You should know why you believe what you believe and you shouldn?t waver when your believe is not in alignment with the popular trends.

We need more people that disagree with us for a reason, more people that challenge us to think through why we do what we do, say what we say, and believe what we believe.

Do you know why you think the things you think? Have you thought through your ?why? with regards to the popular trends of the day?

If you don?t know, and you find yourself always agreeing with the people you’re around you might just be the ?yes man? know one respects.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

No one respects a “yes man.”

Own your individuality!

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