Who are the most powerful people you know? What makes them powerful? What sets them apart from the rest of the pack, and causes you to think of them when I ask the question?

Drake Park, in Bend Orgeon

Let?s assume for a second that we are defining power as the ability to influence at large scale (people, money, energy, talent, or opinion).

Most people get to be powerful through very skillful use of 3 things. The first two are obvious: Hard Work & Strong Relationships.

With out the tenacity, without the perseverance to stay with it when everyone else gives up, most will never really have any real ?power.? The same is true with regards to relationships. No matter what anyone says, no one came to a place of influence without a lot of help from others, without a lot of relationships, without a lot of people to help move the agenda forward.

It?s not just tenacity and relationships though, there is the hidden 3rd secret ingredient that just about everyone misses.


Without patience you can?t wait for timing, without patience you can’t wait for relationships to build into actual meaningful and legitimate relationships. Without patience you can?t leverage the influence that can only be built with a lot of time and hard work.

It?s simply a game changer, and it?s never, NEVER talked about. It?s never given credit, it?s never touted as a critical skill to learn to be able to make it through the hardest days, the longest months, and the nastiest years.

Patience is what sets a truly great influence apart from a smooth talker, or a tantrum thrower. The latter two can be pretty effective in the short term, but long term they?ve got nothing on the one who can master patience with tenacity hard work and the communication skills needed to develop deep meaningful relationships.

What are you doing when you should be building, thinking, waiting?

What things should you put on hold while you patiently wait for the timing to be just perfect?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:


Patience has such subtle power.

Awesome hiking a few weeks back in #drakepark #bendoregon

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