I have been told my whole life ?Chris has more patience? ?Chris you should just be more patient? ?Chris you?re just going to have to wait and have more patience.?

Love the winter view over Crater Lake Oregon.


Here?s the thing, sometimes they were right, at times they were not right.?

Often, people use the need for ?patience? as an excuse to not take action. Used as a justification for the fear not to do what needs to be done. Sometimes we do NOT need more patience we need less a lot less, and we need a lot more action, doing, going, making tough choices.

The irony I have discovered however is while sometimes patience IS what?s needed and when it?s needed most is when it?s the most difficult when the fear of waiting is the most pressing.

For me, this can cause a lot of anxiety. I?m not good at patience; I?m not good at waiting. It feels lazy and foolish. A lot of the time though, more waiting is what?s needed.

I would challenge you to evaluate your M.O. and see if you?re using ?being patient? as an excuse, or you?re using ?taking action? as an excuse. Both are easy to justify, both are damaging to long term success.

For me, patience is often required when it?s the hardest to come by, the most scarce.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

#patience is often required when it’s most scarce.
Make sure you’ve stocked up on some and have it ready to go for when you need it most.
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