Most people are searching for peace. Searching for a calmness in their life where they don?t have to worry. Don?t have to try to be something or someone they are not. Searching for a life season when stuff isn?t so darn difficult.

Peace doesn’t always come when you expect, and often must be earned with purpose and hard fought battles.

Over the years I have found a simple truth about peace.

You have to work for it. You have to fight for it. You have to struggle daily focused on doing the right things in your life to obtain it.

But you CAN do it. You CAN find it.

Peace is something built on the maturity and deep understanding of who you are.

It?s not something you can buy, in fact, the more you try to find it in things outside of yourself the harder it will be to obtain.

You can?t find peace in things, and you can?t find it in relationships. You can really only find it when you come to an understanding of who you are. Who you are in relationship to the world around you, to your creator, and to who you ?want? to be as a person.

Peace is something worth fighting for; it?s worth searching for.

It doesn?t always come when you expect it; there is no magical recipe to follow to obtain it, it must be earned with purpose and hard-fought battles.

Fight the good fight; it?s worth it brother.


Chris Behnke

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