It?s been said that you should never judge a person until you?ve walked a mile in their shoes.

I love windy little roads deep in Central Oregon!

This, of course, means that without living the life of someone else, at least for a time, you can never truly understand how they feel, their take on things, their ?perspective.?

One of the hardest things to learn today is the real value of proper perspective.

Perspective helps you understand the decisions of another person, their motivators, why they do what they do, and why they feel how they feel.

You can never truly understand someone else until you take into account all they have experienced.

Of course, no one can really do this, it?s a figure of speech, but it?s also a powerful lesson in grace and acceptance of people.

We live in a culture lacking in patience, lacking in grace, quick to speak and slow to listen.

Our lives are bombarded every day with more, more, more, total sensory overload, our world is one in which anyone can shout their opinions from the roof tops, and proclaim it as fact. This creates a reactionary response. We become calloused to all the buzz, which in turn causes us to develop the beneficial defense mechanism of analysis and judgment with very little real information, and indeed NO context and perspective.

A person that understands this truth has wisdom on his or her side. Just being aware of the reality of how things work today is a distinct advantage. Realizing and taking into account the context and perspective brings a richness most never will discover.

I challenge you to actually think about this for the next several weeks. Reflect on the reality of your total lack of correct perspective with regards to all the people, businesses, social media, articles, and new stories you come in contact with. This realization can be both humbling and empowering, but entirely necessary to develop real wisdom when it comes to understanding the struggles of the people around you, even understanding yourself.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Perspective. It’s powerful, make sure you take it into account when you are making decisions.
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