We realize today that having a healthy set of daily habits both at work and at home can not only benefit employees but employers too. Everyone wins when you incorporate better wellness habits throughout the day. These wellness challenges are designed to not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but they can also make work a more fun and productive place to coexist.

Plank Challenge

The plank challenge can either be done on an individual basis or as a team effort. A plank is an exercise designed to build core strength. It’s done by placing your body in a straight position while elevated by the arms and supporting your body weight on the tips of the toes. The back should be straight as well as the arms. It’s similar to the part of a push-up when the arms are extended. When doing the plank, the arms are bent at the elbows with the weight of the body resting on the forearms. Bright Side confirmed that over time, this exercise will strengthen the back and the abdominal region, which can lead to better balance and overall stability. Not only that, but it improved posture and overall wellbeing. The set of muscles that are strengthened by a plank are responsible for supporting your body weight throughout the workday. The plank challenge should be set for a certain time daily. Each day, the plank time should increase by five seconds over the course of three to five weeks.

Step Challenge

If you want to get your employees moving, then set up a step challenge. Wellable explains that a step challenge is a program, usually organized at work, where employees compete by taking steps throughout the day. In these programs, participants can compete with themselves by trying to hit personal or pre-established step goals, compete against other individuals, and/or create teams to compete against other teams at their company. Regardless of the format, most step challenges should have a leaderboard (preferably real-time or near-time) for participants to check their progress and ranking. To motivate participants, many organizers tie in a reward/incentive to the program. Some employers award the incentive based on participation in the program and others do so by ranking on the leaderboard.

Processed Food Challenge

Another way to promote a healthier lifestyle is to discourage employees from eating processed foods. Health Guidance explains that although not all processed food is bad, much of it is, and can have negative health consequences to you and those you work with. You can set up a challenge to avoid any processed foods for a certain amount of time. Not only will this encourage healthier eating habits, but it will also give employees better food options and challenge them to learn new ways to prepare food and plan their meals. Once they see how easy eating fresh, wholesome food can really be, they’ll likely begin to utilize this knowledge daily, thus improving health in the long term.

Team Exercise Competition

Having team exercise challenges helps promote healthy daily activity because everyone is working together to meet a common goal. People are more likely to exercise if there’s a goal to strive toward and other team members to work with rather than exercising alone just for the sake of exercising. Once employees realize how beneficial daily exercise can be through team exercise challenges, they may begin to incorporate daily exercise or physical activity into their wellness plan.

Using wellness challenges is a great way to encourage healthier habits that, in turn, help the company become more productive and lead employees to increased happiness overall. It’s a win for everyone. These challenges can be fun and educational and may make a difference in the health and well-being of your company?s employees.

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