Investment is required for deep meaningful relationships.

Don’t let this unfortunate truism exist in your relationships.

I think people have forgotten that today. Our culture of ?get it now, get it fast? type thinking has all but destroyed old fashioned deep and meaningful relationships.

In many ways social media and technology have really helped foster new and amazing ways to connect with people. There have been tremendous benefits for sure, at the same time, I think it?s also caused people to not understand what a deep friendship really is, why it works, what it really means to ?have a friend that sticks closer than a brother.?

Bottom line, these ?deep? kinds of relationships are invaluable. These are the people that you can call no matter what and you ?know they?ll be there, any hour, any reason, any circumstance. They are there, they have a deep and meaningful love for you as a person, not dependent on circumstantial and environmental situations.

These kinds of relationships are rare, these kinds of relationships take work, hard work, and time.

Lots of time.

Time passing, as well as actual time invested.

What?s the ROI of a deep meaningful friendship that lasts a lifetime?


It?s a risk though. If you invest in people you’re asking for trouble. See the thing is that people are flawed at best, and downright evil at worst. If you put yourself out there, make yourself vulnerable and risk for the cause of relationships, you?ll eventually get hurt. HEAR ME CLEARLY you will eventually be screwed by someone you care about.

So what then? Should you then stay ?surface,? stay social media digital fake, happy smiles kind of relationships? I say no. I say for sure absolutely NO.

I speak from experience, I speak from the position of someone that has lived long enough to really care, really invest, really pour my heart and soul into relationships only to be stabbed right in the back, squarely between the shoulder blades when I least expected it.

Pain and disappointment enough to question ?why.?

I can tell you from experience, YES you will get hurt, but YES it?s worth it. The risk of getting hurt is worth the investment, because you know what. You won?t always get hurt, sometimes you find the unlikely relationship that turns into something beautiful. It?s often where you least expect it, and always found after time invested.

It?s so horrible to think about going life without these deep friendships, going through life with nothing more than Facebook feeds, and Instagram stories.

So please, please for your sake, and your future deep meaningful friendships sake. Invest, and invest often. Risk, put yourself out there, trust a little more than you should, love a little more than you should, spend a little more time that might even be comfortable. It will be worth it, it will hurt sometimes, but in the end you?ll look back over a lifetime of friendships and smile.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Relationships are to be handled gently and with grace. The closest relationships are the easiest to neglect.

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