You know what doesn?t feel good? Being stabbed in the freaking back by someone you thought was one of your closest friends.

People suck.

?Relationships are worth the investment.

You know that? They really do, they suck a whole heck of a lot, most of the time.

It?s the reality of the fallen world we live in.

People are generally self-focused, self-centered, self-benefiting. You don?t have to live too long to see this reality.

You know what else doesn?t feel good? Being alone, not having friends or close relationships to experience life with.

Relationships are hard. Relationships take investment, they take risk, a hell of a lot of risk actually. It?s easy to become jaded, it?s easy to abandon the hard work of building and maintaining relationships.

It might be easier to live alone, free of the risk of getting screwed by someone you care about, the risk of having your heart ripped out and stomped on, BUT, you?ll sacrifice far more than you could ever know if you do.

Humans are meant to be with humans.

Humans are meant to experience life WITH each other. I believe we are purposely made to journey together. To travel the roads of life with others.

I believe that each one of us is not quite complete, we?re missing parts, we have holes.

Holes that can be filled by friends, family? Relationships.

Those relationships provide the color for our life, they provide the contrast to our own viewpoints and experiences.

It?s like living life in black & white vs. 3D 4K color. There is a big BIG difference.

Yea, it?s hard, yea, if you put yourself out there, eventually you?re going to get screwed by someone you care about, but the cost of not doing it is far FAR higher.

Are you scared? Are you afraid to risk? I?m not saying it?s a walk in the park when you get hurt, it?s horrible, but that risk is also part of the magic of making those relationships so meaningful and wonderful.

Yea, it?s a bit counter-intuitive, but most of life is; frankly, this is no different.

Maybe it?s time you moved past your fear and picked up the phone and made the call you know you need to make.

Good luck, and happy investing!


Chris Behnke

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