Life gets complicated, it gets busy, over committed and strung out. It happens in a blink of an eye, and if you’re not deliberate and purposeful about reining it all in, you’ll miss most of the best and often most simple joys in life.

Nothing like a brisk run on a bright sunny day in the newly fallen snow of Central Oregon!

Those moments will be sacrificed to the hectic busy nature of our culture.

Doing “things” is not in and of itself bad. Even being busy is not necessarily something to always be avoided.


You’ve got to ask yourself, why. Why do you do all of the “things?”?


For most, the answer is a puzzling “because you must.

You must do all the things! You must evolve into the quintessential soccer mom taxiing your people to each and every little thing, you must do the vacations, the trips, the weekends, the parties, the events, the clubs. You must.

Why must you? Is there some rule that we must “do” things and not just be, not just live? It’s a bit maddening what we have become.

What would your life look like if you cut some out? What if you just didn’t do every other “thing” and replaced it with a walk with a spouse, kid, or simply alone? Time to think, to talk, to just be, or even, dare I say it, you did nothing instead?

Would that be so bad? Would it be that terrible to slow down a bit, and just enjoy the people you love and that love you? Would it kill you to invest a tad more time just talking with them, learning about them, and discovering life together?

Maybe the next goal should be a little different, a little more simple. It might just be time to reward yourself with the simpler things in life.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Reward yourself with the simplicities of life!
Such an incredible day for a run! Tough going though every 8 or 10 steps I fell through the snowpack! Makes for a better workout!
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