Nothing worth having is obtained without some risk.

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This truism applies to every aspect of life, relationships to investments, education to physical condition.

Risk of working hard and failing, the risk of putting your emotions into someone that might just reject them, the risk of starting something that ultimately doesn?t work out.


The risk is always scary, and almost always worth it, without it, you?ll never achieve deep, meaningful relationships, you?ll never succeed in business, you?ll never obtain wealth of any significance.

With everything, there is a risk vs. reward metric. There?s always a balance between the risk and the potential return. The balance should be acknowledged, the balance should be considered, but don?t let the balance fall ?out? of balance.

Over the years I have distilled this metric down to a simple methodology: Risk little with investments, risk some with business, and risk greatly with relationships.

Why risk greatly with relationships?

People are flawed creatures, we all don?t want this to be true about ourselves, yet true it remains.

We are flawed.

People also need each other. We were designed for fellowship and friendship; we were designed to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We will accomplish more together than alone.

Which, of course, requires relationship, which of course, requires risk.

The very truth of life that many of the people that are closest to you may come back and hurt you is the very reason you must risk greatly, you must invest in the people around you, despite the reality that, well, people often suck.

What doesn?t suck is finding true friends that last a lifetime, what doesn?t suck is spending time with people that matter, doing things that matter, for other people that matter.

When was the last time you set your fear aside, reached for the phone, and made that phone call to repair a relationship in need of repair? When was the last time you took the risk and spoke the truth that no one else was willing to speak?

For you, it might just be time to risk a bit more in your business, or it might be time to risk more, maybe even a lot more in your relationships.

Risk Well.


Chris Behnke

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