Staying hidden is easy. It?s easy to keep to yourself and remain quiet in the back, and out of the spotlight.

Beautiful sunset while snowshoeing deep in the Cascades

In some ways it’s good, there are too many that want the spotlight, they want the glory, the likes the shares the undeserved attention.

We also need to see you, we need to hear you, each and every person has a perfect blend of unique gifting and incredible potential, and the rest of us humanoids need it.

We need what you have!

We won?t ever know though, we won?t ever experience if you never sit up, get out of the shadows and show us what you got. Tell us what you have to say, and share your heart with us.

It?s going to be scary, actually scary in fact because you don?t know just how we will react. We might not like what you have to say, we might refute your words, we might scoff at your passions, we might criticize your approach.

So what.

It?s YOUR time right, it?s your life, your energy, YOUR PURPOSE.?

Not mine, not your friends, not your enemies, not your spouse, kids or parents.

It?s yours. It?s yours, and you?ve been given your desires, passions, and gifts for a reason.

It?s your time to shine. We need it, even if we don?t know it, we need it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Shine brightly!
Make the effort to shine your light regardless of what the doubters say.
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