Doubt is one of the most powerful agents of fear that we face as humans. There will be times in everyone?s life, yours included, where darkness, lonesomeness, and fear will creep in and take over.

Cute little picture @alicebehnke took while we were in #canada recently.

During those times, when you feel the most alone, it?s then important to move beyond the fears that can paralyze you and your ability to grow beyond where you are today.

It?s counter intuitive to be sure, but it?s during those times when it?s the most important to grow past your fear.

Darkness moves in, it permeates your life, it steals your energy and robs your confidence. Most will succumb to the desire to allow fear and doubt to control and limit their ability to really do what they are called to do because the fear and doubt are so paralyzing.

It?s a shame, so much more could be done in the world if all of us would really take what we have been given and use it fully. If we would collectively shine bright lights into the darkest corners of our fears and doubts and took the risks needed to make the big leaps we are called to make.

What if that was you. What if you decided to disregard your own fears and doubts. What if you made a decision right now to do whatever it took to do what needed to be done.

What would you do, what could you accomplish, how would your life be different?

Maybe it?s time you found out! Maybe it?s time you shined some bright lights into dark corners.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Shine light into the corners of your doubt.

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