My 9 year old is a short little guy with a lot of ambition, drive, and energy. VERY little fear. He hasn?t yet been told that he can?t do it, that he should be more realistic, or that he is too small, too poor, too dumb, or too weak to do whatever he has in his mind he wants to do.

My 9 year old Sawyer has plenty of it! The steep hard trails don’t intimidate him in the least!

He only knows his vision, and his own drive and will to take action on that vision.

He only knows the small simple lessons he has learned in his first 9 years. He lacks the wisdom of time, and he also lacks the fear of ?being realistic.?

He doesn?t yet know he should care about what others think, that he should be cautious and careful.

What would it look like if more of us were like 9 year olds. If we didn?t worry so much about what others thought, what our parents would think, what would happen if we failed to deliver on what we set to do.

Would you have made that life decision the same way if you didn?t care? Would you have taken a trip you passed up on, would you have started that business, or made that phone call.

You know the one you didn?t make?

There are always a few that don?t feel the fear, or if they do, they don?t listen to it. There are are those that seem to have an ability to put it past them and do the things that others wish they could do. They are the word changers the

inventors the founders the ones that don?t care about eh controversy, or the scandal, or the repercussions.They know what their purpose is and they will fulfill it regardless of what the world around may think about it.

What if that?s supposed to be you, what if you?re supposed to be the one that doesn?t care about the repercussions? What if you?re supposed to start that company, make that call, meet that person, write that book.

What if that?s you, and you don?t do it. Maybe you need to learn from my 9 year old. Maybe you need to stop caring so much, and do what you already know you need to do.

It?s not always relevant what others think, it?s not always relevant how tall you are, or how smart you are. Sometimes it?s more important how much passion, drive, and vision you have.

Before you say you can?t maybe you should decide to do. Maybe it?s time you took the leap you already know you need to take.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Size is a poor indication of ambition.

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