Dang, some days suck.

Yea yea, some days are wonderful, productive, sunny, and fun.

Some days the best solution is to just go for a nice bike ride.

Life is full of ups and downs. No one has a perfect life, despite what social media fees might indicate.


On those days you might just want to go for a nice bike ride.

Or a walk, or a jog, or a nap, or sit and sip some rich dark coffee or even a glass of delicious red wine.

Some days you just need NOT care, not worry, not stress about all that?s broken, all that?s wrong, all that needs to be done, all that troubles you and clouds your mind.

It?s difficult to make good decisions when your brain is full of stress, and your emotions are down from a sucky day.

It?s hard to do your best work on days where everything seems to go sideways.

On those days?

Take a walk, just go take a long walk, stroll through a new neighborhood.

Pull out that old bike you never ride, get your butt on the seat and start pedaling.

Visit your favorite coffee shop, order the largest size of your favorite drink; sit there sipping it thinking about how dang good it is.

Don?t listen to music, don?t make phone calls, don?t check emails.

Just think.
Just be.
Just let your mind wander.
Try and focus all that?s good, not all that?s bad.

Tomorrow?s a new day, a fresh day, new start.

Get your head on straight today, take a break, and prepare your mind to hit the ground running tomorrow. You?ll thank yourself.

Sometimes the best solution really is to just go on a long bike ride for no reason.

Go on, get that bike out and see.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:


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