We get used to our way of life. We get used to our routines, our habits, our daily to-dos.

The ?known? day to day activities are comforting. Our routines provide stability and safety.

One of my favorite running trails on deep in the Mt. Hood wilderness!

Those same comforting routines will never bring us to somewhere amazing, they won’t help us discover new places, and they won’t help us discover new insights of our lives hiding deep in spots we aren?t sure even exist.

To discover you need to go.

Go places you don?t know, go to areas you aren?t so sure about. You need to get out of your comfort zones and get more uncomfortable than you might really want to.

See the thing is, you can never reach the very best places without taking some risk, often a lot of risks. You can never reach the best places without struggling, going off the beaten path, the easy path, the path everyone else is taking.

You?ll have to go it alone a bit more than you might like. You?ll have to maybe even get totally off the path, off the map, off the ?safe route.?

What will you discover? Who knows!
Will you be successful? Maybe, maybe not.

It?s certain though that if you don?t try, you?ll for sure never get there, you?ll for sure never do anything worthwhile, or anything that really changes the world for the better.

You should consider taking the little trail off to the side, get off the beaten path, take the road less traveled. It?s time you took more risks, took more changes, took on more challenges, more things you aren?t sure will work out.

Let?s be clear here, you might fall flat on your face. You might not though, you might succeed, you might just do something that shocks you, you might just discover one of those magical moments.

Always remember some of the very best places are far off the beaten path.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BR3XzsujFBS/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Some of the very best places are far off the beaten path

One of my favorite trails for #running, #hiking, #backpacking or whatever in the #mthoodwilderness is the #salmonrivertrailsuch a great trail for an early morning run.

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