It seems like there are usually a couple of ways to get to where you want to go.

A couple of paths you might take to reach your destination, and usually, some ways are easier than others. Some of the paths are cleaner, less dirty; maybe they are even paved!

Most of us work hard avoiding the hard, muddy, dirty, nasty paths.

My two youngest Sawyer (9) and Mercedes (7) and I took a trip a few weeks back, we spent some time exploring some cold rainy trails in the cascade mountain range (Oregon). Always interesting conversations with those two on a hike in the woods.

We don?t want to go that way, just seems harder, just seems like the way we ?shouldn?t go.? I mean really, why would we take the hard path anyway?

I?ve found there is unrealized potential in the muddy path. There is value in taking the harder trail.

You might just find a better view.
You might just experience something exciting and unpredicted.
You might just learn something new and not anticipated.
You might just find yourself on a totally unexpected, but completely amazing adventure.

Yea, sure, you’ll get dirty, you’ll get cold and wet, and you’ll probably even ruin your shoes, but you might, you just might find out it’s all worth it.

If you always take the paved sidewalk, you won?t get dirty, but you won?t find the real adventures, you won?t get to experience all this life really has to offer.

What do you have to lose?

Really, how bad could it be? A little comfort lost, a little extra time spent.

I guess you?ll never know unless you try, unless you take that less used trail, unless you go off the map, off the recommended route, and blaze your new trail, make your own new memories.

Some paths are cold, rainy, muddy, and just freaking wonderful, find yours.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Some paths are cold, rainy, muddy, and just freaking wonderful.

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