I have found creativity finds me, rather than me finding it.

Alice pondering life?s mysteries while looking at incredible mountains. Kayaking on Sparks Lake in Bend Oregon.

Studies have shown us for a long time that the brain doesn’t solve problems the same way computers do.

It’s more organic, it’s messy.

Creativity is even more so, it comes from a blend of knowledge, experience, conscience and sub-conscience mental energies working together in concert to develop and form new ideas.

It’s hard in our busy overstimulated world to take the time just to think, to ponder the world around you. To look at life in new ways, with a different perspective.

When was the last time you spent more than 4 hours without looking at your phone, texts, email, social media? What about 40 minutes? For most, it’s actually been years. Between our phones, our computers, our televisions and connected devices the amount of “unplugged” time is measured in minutes not hours a day.

Where is the time for our brains to solve problems, when do we carve out that time to ponder the greater things of this life?

As someone that provides for my family through the use of technology and the internet I know first had the trap many of us find ourselves in.

I have worked very hard to purposely “unplug.”

I set aside time every day for study, prayer, writing, and thinking. Even if I am “using technology” for many of these things I’m not connected. I turn off notifications, disable the internet, leverage apps like flowstate, self-control app, or cold turkey.

It’s ironic for sure, in our grand efforts to invent things to help us save time, we have created so many little things that “TAKE” our time. Stealing that time for really important stuff as Facebook feeds, reality TV shows, and Pokemon Go.

Discovering our true creativity mean’s being purposeful about our time. It means taking control of what our brains spend their energy on. It means thinking about what we are doing each and every day, how we leverage the time we have, the energy we have and making the most of it.

It’s good to unwind, it’s good to relax and let our minds wander a bit. It’s good to just “think,” not DO, but think. To let our minds wonder and wander. It’s good to set the agenda of no agenda and unplug all the distractions for a bit.

Sometimes creative comes while pondering majesty.?


Chris Behnke

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Sometimes creativity comes while pondering majesty.

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