Go go go!
Faster Faster!
Come on, let?s go, let?s move, let?s get going!

Yep, pretty much no time to slow down.

Taking some time to think, random stop in the back country of Ireland.

No time to rest, to stop, to think, to enjoy peace and calmness.

Our culture is one of movement. It?s one of progression, of building, of “busyness.”

Extreme busyness. No margins, no slack, no peace, no quiet.


Why have we done this to ourselves? Why have we created this situation where it?s nearly impossible to stop and rest.

Oh man, and if you do, if you dare to slow down a bit and relax, even just a little, then FEEL THAT GUILT hit you like a ton of bricks.

How many times have you heard a friend or acquaintance tell you how busy they are?

How many times have you said it yourself??

Our social media profiles are full of the proof. The GPSs of our smartphones tell tales of our ?never stop running around? like idiots in our little kingdoms.

It?s sick really. We actually compete with each other over who is the busiest.

How do we expect to do our best work??

How do we expect to do meaningful work? How do we expect our minds to be sharp, our ideas to be smart, our solutions to be robust? How do we expect to really do anything of real impact if we can?t even stop and take break and just let our minds rest?

My experience over the years has taught me that counter-intuition rules over many of the things we take for granted. ?Sometimes more is not better, sometimes faster is NOT actually faster.

Maybe it?s time for you to re-think how you spend your time. How you book your schedule, how you prioritize what you do during your waking hours.

It?s time we all took a bit more time of ?quietness.??

It?s time we all took a few more breaks.?

It?s time we all slowed down just a bit.?

Often, slowing down actually creates the greatest opportunity for growth.


Chris Behnke

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Sometimes slowing down creates the greatest opportunity for growth.

Took this shot a while back on a bendy little backcountry road in Ireland.

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