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The beautiful Oregon Coast.

Business is chaos; life is chaos.

Our culture celebrates extreme busyness and overwork. We also celebrate extreme laziness and complacency. Confusing isn’t it?!?

In many ways we are never going to be able to change how our society functions and prospers, it?s the reality of the world around us.

You shouldn?t worry about it; you shouldn?t try to change it.?

However, you should learn to find ?calmness? inside the chaos. It?s possible, and it?s amazing.

Have you ever stood on the ocean beaches, especially on a particularly stormy day, and watched the utter chaos of the ocean crashing on the shore? It?s incredible the amount of power, sound, momentum rhythm. So organized, yet utterly and completely chaotic.

There?s something about watching and listening to those waves crash that is utterly calming. A blended melody of calm and energy. It?s comforting, reassuring, and relaxing all at the same time.

We can find this in our lives; we can find the rhythms of life, the small pieces of silence between meetings, phone calls, and traffic laden drives. We can find moments of peace when we weren?t looking, and we can fix our eyes and minds on what we know to be real and true, and totally focus on the ?why? of everything we are doing.


It?s simple really, know your “why.”

Know the very reason you do what you do, the reason you get up every day to do it all over, the reason you sit through crappy meetings, or drive long commutes.


When you know; focus on that, keep your eyes fixed securely on that and hold on tight. The world will come at you, distract you, force you to look away occasionally, resist. When you stumble, and brother you will, get RIGHT back on track, don?t waste more than a moment before realigning yourself with your purpose.

Sound hard? It is at first, it takes time to learn to realize that regardless of what happens from day to day the worst case is usually not all that bad. It takes a bit of time to learn how to forgive yourself when you fall short, but over time it becomes easier, and eventually, it?s your second nature.

Chaos will always surround you, but sometimes, if you work hard at it, you can find beautiful calm right in the midst of it.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Sometimes the chaos of life can actually bring calm.

It’s like the crashing waves of the ocean, such chaos, power, turmoil. Yet, so peaceful and calming. It can be like this with the craziness and busyness of life, find peace and calm within the chaos.

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