We want what we want, and we want it now.

Right Now dang it.

But sometimes what we need, what we want, ?the most significant opportunities are just down the road. Sometimes we need to travel a bit longer, work a bit hard, endure a bit more to realize the goal.

Sometimes the greatest opportunities are just down the road.

It doesn’t feel all the great.

It doesn?t feel good at all to wait. It?s hard to know that there?s more journey, this is especially true when you?re not sure exactly where the road is taking you.

So much of life ends up being this way, so much of life is, well, entirely and totally ?unknown.?

Yuck, we hate that right? We want to know what to expect. We want to know just where we are on the road, and exactly how many more minutes until we reach our destination, we really REALLY don?t like “not knowing.”

Sometimes though, we just don?t know.

Sometimes we have no idea what lies ahead and frankly, we shouldn?t. We aren?t meant always to know what?s coming.

Not knowing is part of life?s mystery and wonder.

How much more boring life would be if we always knew exactly what to expect in every circumstance in every situation.

Maybe for you, it?s time to look at the unknown road ahead with eager anticipation instead of anxiety and regret. Perhaps it?s time that you just accepted your self just where are you are on your journey and looked down the long road with excitement.

You know, sometimes the greatest opportunities are just down the road!


Chris Behnke

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