For most of us there are good days, and of course there are bad days.

Sometimes when it’s the coldest you make the warmest memories.

You?re never gonna get all warm sunny days. You?re just not. Even those people that seem to have everything, including an easy life will never have everything going perfectly. It?s not how life works.

What?s odd is how hard we try to make it look like we ?do? have perfect lives. We tell our friends how great things are, we share the very best pictures and stories on Facebook and Instagram. It?s all pretty darn fake, and frankly a bit ridiculous.

I?m NOT suggesting that we all start sharing crappy pictures and complaining about all our problems on social media either. That?s not helpful.

Frankly l like that people put a good game on, tell their best stories and share nice looking pictures with the world. I don?t think it?s wrong, I think it?s right actually. I think it?s good to show our best side, and approach life and storytelling with a positive spin.

However, as we all run around the world trying to look darn good in our selfie pictures it?s so very important we all understand the true context of the word we ?see? through our little 4? iPhone screens.

It?s not the real world. It?s NOT the real world at all. It?s a fake word, an optimistic world a glass half full show my best side kind of picture

So what do you do when the world seems to be so sunny and bright for everyone else and so darn dreary, rainy, and wet for you?

You take life by the balls is that you do.

You accept your cold dark day for what it is, and make something good come from it. Don?t get me wrong, I?m not suggesting that life is so simple, I am suggesting though that the only way through the difficult circumstances you?ll face throughout your life is head on, with a posture of learning and looking for opportunities to turn dark days into warm memories.

I?ve found over the years that often times my personal outlook on my present circumstances makes all the difference on whether or not you?ll come out the other side with warm memories, or just plain miserable.

You know what, it?s up to you, so if you’re miserable you only have yourself to blame, for me, I choose to make amazing warm memories regardless of the dark cold situations I find myself in.


Chris Behnke

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