Bridges are cool. I really love them. I love to look at them; I love to photograph them.

Sometimes you find the most interesting things when you cross over to the other side.

I love to stare and them and wonder about how they were built, how they were designed, thinking about how much care was put into every single bit of metal, every single bolt, nut, and screw. Every single piece was working together to span a river, ravine, or structure.

Bridges can bring people together, they span from one place to another, and are often the only connection between disparate locations.

Bridges are also fantastic because the view is so different from each side. The perspective changes so dramatically as you cross from one end to the other.

Perspective is one of those things that people overlook, yet in my opinion, it?s one of an essential elements of being a human and understanding other humans.

Without perspective we can never understand each other, we can never learn from each other, we can never have the patience, grace, or understanding we really should for one another.

Often though, it?s so difficult to take the time and energy to really think through the perspectives of others. To really think about what someone else’s life might be like, or how their journey is going, what struggles they are facing day to day.

When was the last time you took the time or spent the effort to put yourself in someone else’s seat? To ?walk a mile in their shoes?”

Do you ever actually do that? Do you ever make an effort to try and look at the situation from the ?other person’s? perspective?

I would challenge you to do this EVERY time you come into conflict with someone.

You might just find yourself a bit more patient, a bit more forgiving, and a bit more gracious with them.

You also might surprise yourself. You might be flat out shocked with your own response when you do so. Sometimes you find the most interesting things when you cross over to the other side.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Perspectives are powerful.

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