Bridges are amazing.

Little family road trip through California and we found ourselves in beautiful San Fransisco.

Bridges connect us to people and places that would simply be out of reach otherwise.

Bridges are sometimes scary though. They often represent a gateway to another place. A different place. A place where things are not familiar, not safe.

There?s risk involved with crossing bridges. There?s fear.

Sometimes though, the only thing to do is swallow the fear and head across into uncharted territory, into the unknown.

You might not know what?s on the other side, and that’s pretty darn scary, but there?s a good chance you’ll need to do it anyway.

We never really get far in life if we aren?t willing to take some risks if we aren?t willing to cross some scary bridges. Sometimes the most incredible experiences start with crossing that rickety, scary, crappy old bridge. The one that you?ve been using as an excuse to not move forward for a while now.

The truth is, you need just to do it. You need to do that thing that is scary and holding you back.?


All significant endeavors started with someone taking a step that was risky, but faithful taking action regardless.

Sometimes you just gotta drive over the bridges in your path.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Sometimes you just gotta drive over bridges in your path

One of my favorite places! #goldengatebridge

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