I think all too often we get a bit too serious in life. We take ourselves too seriously, we take others too seriously and we take our situations too seriously. We just do, it?s human nature, we tend to over dramatize everything we a dealing with placing undue importance on the little things that don?t matter in the long run, but feel so darn important in the moment.

Love this picture; I was able to take a trip to my favorite city with @riettabehnke a while back, she grabbed this shot while we were hanging out in #centralpark

I?m not downplaying how hard things get sometimes. Life and business have a way of throwing you deep into situations that are extremely difficult and often painful, there is nothing easy or ?light? about these periods of your life.

The pass through, these times in your life pass and it doesn?t do anyone any good, especially yourself to dramatize them into something they are not. It?s not helpful most of all it?s not helpful to you.

What would happen if the next time you found yourself in a seriously crappy situation if you took a step back, realized that no matter how bad the situation was that it would pass, you would get over it, and you would be ok. What if the next time you found yourself knee deep in the BS you just stopped and laughed out loud.

Laugh at them instantly of the situation, laugh at the humbling nature of mistakes, laughed at the trials, the trouble, what if you just laughed because you can either laugh or cry, and crying fixes nothing, but if for nothing

else at least laughing is good exercise.

Maybe next time when you feel there is no way through, when you oppressed, distressed, and depressed, you should just do a bit of laughing.

Sometimes, laughing in the face of difficult times is simply the only response to make.

Try it, it?s counter intuitive to be sure, but trust me, laughing beats crying every time, sometimes you just gotta laugh.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BS_aPa2jo_a/?taken-by=chrisbehnke

Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

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