In my past I have found myself trapped in my office tied to the phone, clicking the mouse while urgently pecking away at the keyboard.

Beautfuil snow day in Drake Park, Bend Oregon.

Driving driving driving, but never getting anywhere.

Bottled up right there it?s easy to lose sight of what?s important, it?s easy to become confused, closed in, introspective, and frankly depressed. Without even realizing it, the world can very quickly close in around you with the oppressing claustrophobic feeling.

Nothing is more simple yet effective than getting up out of your chair, stretching your arms up to the ceiling, grabbing your jacking and heading out for a brisk 20-minute walk. Not a walk to talk on the phone, not a walk to accomplish anything per se, but a walk to let the mind rest and for the body to work.

I have often found this time becomes the most productive time of the day. Spending time just to think without the distractions of the world, yet walking through the world is a powerful opportunity for your brain to do it?s the best work. There?s just something fantastic about getting out and moving.

I?ve also found walking to be some of the most productive and meaningful time for meeting and discussing important things with people as well.

Steve Jobs used to walk a lot during the day. He would often hold significant one on one meetings while walking the other person. Walking has a disarming effect, it?s calming yet increases blood flow to the brain and throughout the body.

There is something powerful in taking a walk, being outside, and enjoying the surroundings when talking through something rather than a stuffy meeting room or over a hastened lunch.

Often the simplest habits become the most fulfilling, the most productive, the most beneficial. Life throws a lot of crap at you, it can and will become overwhelming discouraging, and some things seem actually impossible to overcome. When it gets nasty, or even before it does, or maybe even for no reason at all, sometimes you just need to go for a walk.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Sometimes you just need to go for a walk.

Find a good friend, go outside and enjoy life with the people you care about.

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