Don’t lean on someone else’s morals, ethics, or standards.

We live in a very fake world.

Another glorious sunset over Central Oregon!

A world full of photoshopped bodies, wildly exaggerated product claims, and social media feeds packed with fake news stories.

We also live in a culture where spending the time and effort to do dig in and understand the truth of any subject is just not commonplace.

Ironic that we live in a time when we have limitless information at our fingertips, and less motivation than ever to actually understand the context and gravity of what we read online.

There used to be a thing called journalism, there used to be a thing called ethics, and there used to be something referred to as common sense.

What happened?

We lost patience. We lost purpose. We liked what we saw and heard. It resonated with our echo chamber, and out of laziness, we decided to share our thoughts.

Share them we did, and we did it boldly.

We shared them over and over without a second thought of the responsibility of the potential impact we might make, the opinions we might sway, the decisions we might impact.

Every day I zip through my Facebook feed, I’m astonished at the total idiot posts I see from people I used to think was at least reasonably intelligent. Actually, I KNOW people are reasonably intelligent, which is what makes the entire reality of idiot post after idiot post so frustrating.

What about truth? What about the responsibility of understanding more context of a complex situation before boldly proclaiming this or that about it.?

What about taking some ownership of the reality of inadvertently promoting BS as truth on whatever topic fits with the running dialog of your internal opinions?

Let’s take a bit more time to learn, shall we? Let’s take a bit more time to study history, “REAL history” before we announce overly simple solutions to incredibly complex situations.

Let’s take the appropriate responsibility and stand fast on what is good true and right, even when it doesn’t perfectly fit our narrative.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Stand fast on what you know to be true good and right. #behnkeadventures #entrepreneurlife

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