When everything is going well it?s easy to see clearly, to develop strong convictions of right, wrong, left, right, up and down.?

When the rocky times come is when things get a bit more complicated.?

Be sure my friends, the ?rocky times? WILL come.

If you?ve been alive for more than 5 years, you already know the truth of my words regarding difficult times. They come, they come often, and they come when we least expect them.?

It?s critical that you understand and hold fast to your convictions BEFORE those convictions are challenged.?

What decision will you make when that deal that?s ?too good to pass up? comes, the deal that?s not quite illegal, but not quite in alignment with your personal ethics.?

What decision will you make when ?people over profit? challenges your business model.

What decision will you make when your ?telling the truth? about your mistake might cost your reputation, your business, your friendships.?

What decision will you make when NO one knows of the unethical choices that will benefit you.?

What decision will you make when your personal convictions are challenged in small or large ways.

As someone that has been involved with businesses of all types and sizes for over 25 years, I can tell you with 100% certainty, if you do NOT have personal convictions, personal boundaries, personal ethics, understood, quantified, and ingrained into the DNA of who you are, you WILL waver.?

It?s imperative you remain resolute in your convictions regardless of the consequences, regardless of your pride, your business, your relationships, your life?

It?s only through those strong convictions that you become the person you want to be, the best version of yourself.

It will be challenging, and it will be unexpected.

It always is.?

The enemy seems to work this way, always seems to creep in and tweak things in just the right way to make you stumble.

ONLY through a pre-determined set of personal standards will you be able to persevere.?

What are your standards? What are your rules? Do you even know?

If you don?t know EXACTLY how you will handle the tough times, you will stumble, PERIOD.

Figure it out now, set aside a few hours and make the hard decisions ahead of time, so you can remain 100% #resolute when the crap hits the fan.?

Cause brother it will, trust me, you want to be ready for it!

Suit Up

~Chris Behnke

Inspiration for this ?micro post? from the instagram post from instagram account: @chrisbehnke


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