It takes guts. It takes gumption. It takes an “I’ll keep at it until it works regardless of what the odds are” kind of drive and energy.

Sawyer (8) ready to take on the world, living life at the Dee Wright Observatory

It’s hard to see sometimes, often the people that look the toughest are the weakest, and the weakest surprise you. Not just you, but they surprise even themselves.

It’s not about size, background, education, privilege, or money. All those things are great and helpful, but the strength to succeed, to truly build something from the ground up is not found in the obvious.

Strength in character. Strength in ethics, truth, strength in the ‘not obvious’ areas that at first don’t seem to be all that important.

Let me assure you they are.

What happens, what always happens is your best-laid plans fall apart. Stuff doesn’t go according to plan. Problems, people, circumstance, time, they ALL get in the way of you accomplishing your goals.

The path to success will lead you right into a big old mess.?

It always happens, you’ll be right there in the thick of it and without warning cutting corners will start to “seem smart.” Fudging the truth will seem to be the right path. Situations will arise that will cause you to consider a path out that disregards the ethical ground you were certain of previously.

You’ll be tempted, and you’ll be tested.?

Your advisors will even tell you to take the low road, you’ll want to take the high road, but fear will set in. They’ll say, “No one would blame you for making the decisions you need to make.”

This is where the truly strong will stand. This is where the obvious becomes “not evident.” This is the time when the people least expected to make the hardest decisions and do the right thing DO and they do it against all the odds. This is the time when some will choose to fail rather than sacrifice what they know to be right when they take the high road regardless of the cost.

This is when both the strong and the weak are shown for who they are.

It’s not about constantly talking about how great you are as so many do on social media these days. (I call them the #hustle crowd) It’s not about crafting the perfect words to give the appearance of strength. None of that will matter when it really counts.

I hope you’ll be strong. I hope you’ll decide to do what’s right against the odds, when it’s hardest, and when you really wish you could take the easy path, but you know that truth, morals, ethics, and how you live are all more important than the fear you’re feeling.

Stay strong, look deep inside and find strength in the places you least expect it.?


Chris Behnke

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Strength is often hidden deep down in the places we least expect to find it.

Telling the world how great you are doesn’t make it so.

I hear and see so much hypocrisy and hyperbole in the space of #entrepreneurship. Using the hashtag #hustle and proclaiming your greatness does not actually make you great. If you want to be great, then get off your ass and do something that’s never been done, something great, something that will make a difference.

I love this silhouette of my 9 year old Sawyer, he is fearless and wants to take on the world, truly the seeds of a future great entrepreneur!

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