Some of us are called to do things others won?t do. Some of us are called to take risks others are simply not willing to take.

My friend snapped this pic of me shooting video a few years back in BC #goodtimes

Some of us are afraid, yet we press on anyway.

It?s hard to take that step. That next step, you know the one you have been avoiding, that one that you?re afraid of, that one that your friends and family are saying is a bad idea, but deep down in your gut you know it?s the next right move.

Take the step. Do it. Sure you might fall flat on your face, you might totally fail, but the old cliche statement remains true. You?ll 100% for sure not succeed if you don?t take that step and try. If you remain on the sidelines, you?ll never get anywhere.

So, you and I both know that the right next move is to take the step, make the leap, spring into action. Be brave, it might not work out, but then again, it just might. Maybe it?s time you wrote that book, started that company, took that job, called that person.

Take a deep breath, then make your move. If you don?t, you?ll never succeed, guaranteed.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Always take a deep breath before the next difficult step.

Love the summer but really looking forward to some deep power and steep chutes.

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