I have 4 kids, right now as I write this, they are 17, 14, 10, and 8.

My dad thinking about life on the Oregon Coast

Wow, 4 little persons that are, well, not really all that little anymore. They are so different from me, so different from each other.

The world they are growing up in is so different.

Our culture is jam-packed with distractions from what?s important. Fake news, fake relationships, fake images on social media, all create a distorted value system.

How will the future generations know what?s truly important, what actually matters in this world packed with nutty foolishness?

We need to tell them, we need to show them, we need to teach them.

My dad spent a lot of time with me growing up, he was very patient, he showed me things, taught me things. Everything from tieing a tie, to working hard and owning my mistakes. My dad?s worth ethic was strong, his moral compass pointed to true north, and I?m the man I am today because of the man that he is.

The trouble is that nowadays, our kids are growing up too often without a role model as I had.

Yea, that?s right I?m saying that a lot of dads out there are too self-absorbed in their own lives to take the investing in the next generation.

Too much time at work, too much time watching netflix and sports, too much time on social media, youtube, instagram.

Today?s fathers need to spend LESS time playing Call of Duty, and more time on their “calling” and “duty” as fathers.

I spend time every week with each one of my kids. The older 3 work with me 5 days a week every morning. I take my 14-year son to coffee most Sunday mornings before church, go for long walks with my 17-year-old daughter as often as I can.

It?s called investment.

Do I have the time for it? Hell no, not by the worlds standards. I?m freaking busy, WAY too busy to stop in the middle of ?something important? and help one of my kids work through what ever trouble they are faced with.

You know what, it doesn’t matter if I “have time” I freaking MAKE TIME. You can too for what’s important, we all make time for what we make time for.

It?s hard, I mean really hard, it?s not like I?m sitting around with nothing to do. I’m running several businesses, finishing my first book along with writing on several different blogs, hosting 3 podcasts, consulting with companies. That?s just on Monday 😉

It’s not about “being busy” It?s about knowing what?s important, and you know what, freaking Monday night football and Netflix aren?t on my list.

Know what you really care about it and make sure your life reflects that in your behaviours. If investing in the next generation isn?t ?reflected? in your actions, then you need to make some adjustments.

You can only answer this for yourself, I can?t do it for you, but I think if you?re honest with yourself you know.

Make the changes, invest, and take the responsibility of teaching seriously.


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Take the responsibility of teaching seriously.

It’s my dad’s birthday today, he is a great man that has always taken the time to teach me something I needed to know.

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