Pondering, wondering, thinking about the future, learning from the past.

Why do we focus on the past?
Why do we focus on what didn?t work?
Why do we worry about the relationships that turned nasty?
Why do we think about the people that wronged us, the poor hands we were dealt, and all the things that sucked in the past, but we have zero ability to change?

Why indeed?

It?s the easiest thing in the world to get caught up in regret, to get pulled into thinking about all the things that didn?t go right, and how we should have done it differently.

It?s so hard not to get drawn back to the past of arguments debates and wish so much you would have said this thing or that.


All that worry and regret added up together plus 2 bucks won?t even buy a grande latte at Starbucks.

That worry, that regret; all worthless.

How much time and mental energy do we all waste WISHING something was different, or we had said something else, or we had done something else.

Well it?s too late now.?

So two things:

One >> LEARN from it and don’t do it again.
Two >> Freaking stop worrying about it and move the heck on.

Grow past it, move past it, stop dwelling and wishing and lamenting.?

It sucked, maybe even you sucked, but you can?t change the past no matter how much you worry and stress about it.

Life is hard enough without that extra stress and anxiety.

It?s time to move on, look to the future, the incredibly bright future. The Future where you have a shot at doing it differently the next time around.

The future holds the possibilities, the future holds the opportunities, the future holds the chance for you to change or for you to make a change, or for you to lead a change. The future holds the chance for you to look back without the regrets and the wishing, and the worry, and the lamenting.

Look towards the future, it?s there you?ll find a place where the regrets of the past, and only distant periods of learning and growth.?


Chris Behnke

Inspiration from the Instagram post:

Take time to gaze off into the future, it’s there where the lack of regrets will dwell.
I LOVE getting out and taking pictures of all the amazing things God has made.
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