We are not called to sit.

We are not called to drift.

We are not called to slide.

We are made to struggle, to drive, to climb, to conquer.

I believe that most people today are drifting through life. I have written about this many times, yet I keep feeling called to come back to it and continue to call it out.

We were made with something greater than ourselves in mind, God clearly tells us this in His word. He has designed a purpose, calling, assignment for every single one of us. He has made us with just the right blend of precisely what?s needed to fulfill the mission he has for us.

The enemy does NOT want us to discover what that is, he doesn?t want us to be effective in any way with the mission that God has for us. So the enemy pulls out his toolbox and starts in on us using everything he?s got.

  • The tool of fear
  • The tool of shame
  • The tool of pain
  • The tool of distraction
  • The tool of good works
  • The tool of busyness
  • The tool of inadequacy
  • The tool of overwhelm

To name just a few? Whatever he can do to keep you from knowing and understanding that your life was meant to be lived with purpose and accomplishment.

He has been working to shape our culture in a way that fosters the disbelief we can make a difference, the doubt that what we do matters.

It DOES matter.

What you do DOES matter.

What would happen if you started to believe that? If you began to think that you could make a difference. How would you spend your time differently? How would you spend your money and other resources differently?

By the way, if you?re reading this, it means the enemy is working on you right now? He doesn?t want you to read this, he doesn?t want you to think about these words, he doesn?t want you to think about how you might live differently if you really understood the power and authority God has given each one of us.

I have no idea what he?s telling you. He might be telling you that you?re too old, or that you?re too young. He might be telling you that you don?t have time, or that you?ll be able to think about this kind of thing as soon as you get a better job, finish school, your kids are out of the house, etc.

I don?t know what obstacles the enemy is trying to put in between your God-given assignment and you, but I know one thing for sure, what he is telling you is a lie.

It?s a lie plain and simple. You CAN make a difference, you?re not too old, too young, too slow, too dumb, too broken, too busy?

The only thing stopping you from living into it is faith and action.

It?s time to step out in faith and TAKE action.

It?s time to get off your butt and start climbing that mountain in front of you.

It?s time to suit up.


~Chris Behnke


Inspiration for this ?micro post? from the instagram post from instagram account: @chrisbehnke




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